About us


IIMT Media & Arts College is a dedicated knowledge hub for animation and new media sciences. The genesis of the college can be traced to the establishment of the Animation training in the year 2006. Later in the 2011, IIMT College was started with a vision to provide state of the art animation training through high-end research and development centre with continuous up gradation. Besides promoting research and disseminating knowledge gained there from, it fosters cooperation between the academic and media communities.

IIMT Media & Arts College was initiated by leading Animation veterans and one can witness that learning is hardly restricted to classrooms. Learning is a harmonious blend of listening to some of the most experienced minds and at the same time, garnering rich industry experience. The industry-college interface fostered at IIMT is what gives the college a class of its own. Coming from a legacy of   Animation education in its past, IIMT has access to a wide spectrum of industries to enable it to set new standards in the field of media education. The necessary internship and pre placement opportunity is provided   to our students for them to get easily   placed during their dissertation period itself.

IIMT is an English medium, Co-educational college, that combines the very best in educational practices, powered and propelled by a philosophy of education that is eclectic yet truly modern. With such state-of-the-art facilities IIMT will embark the degree program from 2011. In keeping pace with the technological progress and the advent into the 21st century, the college has implemented Video conferencing aided learning .Following are our key objectives.

  • To provide best education on Animation & Media studies, with concurrent support and collaboration with apex bodies globally or nationally.
  • To provide formal and full time training for obtaining tertiary education to those who seek it.
  • To uplift any students for his/her career goals on Animation & Media or entertainment sector through providing platform to touch base with industry.
  • To design an innovative system of good quality of education that is flexible  not only with respects to entry criteria ,but also with respect to what to learn, when to learn and how to learn.
  • Placing our students with market leaders through internship process is also a part.

Our relationship, involvement and integration with Animation industry is the most positive critical part of IIMT Media & Arts College. Acclaimed Animation experts have joined hands to support IIMT’s educational plan. The college has equipped itself well with strong Advisory Board members. The IIMTian, who leave after his/her degree or diploma program, shall be tremendously knowledgeable, self-confident and become mature individuals. The college takes efforts to train the mind to think, which is the real meaning of educators. At the very outset, we would like to tell you that we firmly believe education means helping the learners in realizing their self-worth by respecting their individuality. Hence, the ultimate goal of education is the overall development of the student’s personality.


      The college encourages the instructors to take feedback from the students on cross model. Under this model the instructor takes feedback from students who are trained by their peers. This system being effectively used, IIMT assures that there shall be good understanding between the management and student.

 Young students will often look up to instructors as experts in the field and take to hear most of the things instructors say. Thus, it is believed that spending a fair amount of time and effort thinking about how to respond to students may be a worthwhile time investment. Sometimes the term “feedback” is used loosely or carelessly to refer to what is more accurately called reinforcement.

Objectives: At IIMT, faculty will conduct an open forum where students discuss the assessment with faculty before the final answer key is decided. The college has developed a form that would allow student teams to write comments before the open forum; this shall be piloted with our diploma students. The objective was to evaluate student and faculty opinions regarding both assessment feedback processes.



       The administration team determines how all of the physical facilities, including instructional space, will be used at the college. Certain instructional facilities are designated to be scheduled by R&D team.


                  Selected general purpose classrooms have been equipped with advanced multimedia and information technology equipment, as mentioned above. Three categories of technology classrooms have been defined: Instructor technology; student technology; and video conferencing. In addition, there are selected classroom on the campus that allow for the scheduling of portable computer technology in designated rooms.


          Courses where the instructor requires technology to support the delivery of instruction, and where the technology is used on a regular basis, are given scheduling priority for these rooms. Course instructors shall be discussing specific needs with media and technology support services staff.


Choosing to undertake a course at college brings with it a whole new set of challenges. At IIMT, we will offer help and support throughout your time with us. We have a wide range of facilities and services  in place to provide you with practical assistance and to make sure your experience is stimulating, enjoyable and secure. Here’s an overview of just a few of the ways in which we can provide help and support while you are a student at the College.

Guidance and Progression Advisers

The College has a team of Advisers who can provide guidance before you come to college. This is to assist you in making an informed decision about your course of study and financial matters. The team is then available throughout the year to ensure that you get impartial personal, educational and vocational advice. If you need support in personal matters, help can include referrals to other agencies and counselling. Advisers can also help with further higher education or, if you are aiming for employment, support you through activities such as CV writing and mock interviews.

Students with Disabilities/Learning Difficulties

At IIMT, we’re fully committed to ensuring that learning opportunities are available to everyone. Our inclusion statement-Disability has more information about what extra support may be  available, so please ask for a copy. Learning support coordinators are on hand to make sure you receive the best support possible if you have a disability or learning difficulty. To arrange a personal interview contact learning support coordinator .

Learning Support 

Our expert teams of learning support coordinates are on hand to help you. The team can give you an idea of the assistive technologies that may help with your studies and give you time to try technologies out. They give you help to plan your workload and to study well. The team link with lecturers and other central services such as the libraries or Guidance and Progression Advisers  to ensure you get the best support. They help you if you think you need assessment arrangements and provide Personal help or equipment. They will also assist you with any applications for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). The team can work with you to plan your support and there are support sessions on each campus. For further information contact learning support coordinator

Competence Standards

      The purpose of an assessment is to determine a student’s competence in a particular area and so, importantly; Standards are set when students are assessed. If a student with a disability has difficulties accessing the assessment or examination process, the college considers alternative ways in which students can show they can achieve the standard. Many qualifications are assessed by means of showing a practical skill or ability and there may be times when no reasonable adjustment can be made.

Please apply early and tell us your additional support need, so that  we can anticipate your requirement of supportfully. A place on a course may be refused in the application of a competence standard, if no  reasonable adjustment can be implemented. Careers advisers work in partnership with college guidance staff to help you. Appointments can be made at our main campus reception areas with one of the advisers to help you plan and manage your career. This can include advice on interview techniques, job seeking skills, job vacancies and much more. A careers library is also available at office with resources to help students consider job options and a range of educational opportunities.


IIMT becomes the first college in Kanyakumari District to offer dedicated Animation and Media education under one roof. Nothing other than Animation or media or is taught here. The campus has excellent facilities to support your educational experience: techy –classrooms specialized laboratory, library, cafeteria, recreation facilities and yoga room, art room, movie theatre, Wi-Fi internet access, discussion rooms, gossip lobby, edit studio, recording theatre and offices. Infrastructure laid in this college can give you a feel of being at best studio. Flu-free zone is aimed to provide a healthy environment to IIMT students. Biometric entrance provides the management to track student’s attendance record on hourly basis.

Courses where the instructor requires technology to support the delivery of instruction, and where the technology is used on a regular basis, are given scheduling priority for these rooms. Course instructors shall be discussing specific needs with Media and Technology Support Services staff.


To provide innovative and globally recognized programs that contributes to the holistic development of the individuals and society. IIMT facilitates learning through discipline, discovery and dissemination of knowledge. IIMT dedicate its intellectual resources to advancing the frontiers of business knowledge and educating future leaders. Empower students to cope up with real-world environments, through structured interactions with corporate organizations, innovative teaching strategies, mentoring, project work and inputs from leading professionals in the field.


IIMT Media & Arts College has a vision of becoming one of the top 10 education providers of the Country with high standards, novel methods like interactive learning, value based learning etc., providing a well-defined career path for all its students thus leading to a model College of its own in future.

Quality policy

We at IIMT, commit ourselves towards imparting high quality education and training, imbibing latest methods and techniques in concepts, application and life skills, achieving best possible satisfaction to the students and regularly enhancing internal skills in consonance with changing scenario, by total involvement of all the members and continual improvement in all spheres of our activities.